ChargePoint Level 2 Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

With innovative new features, the CT4000 Series gives station owners a more affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to help drivers get off gas. Check out the updated features that take these stations to the next level of EV charging:

Power Sharing
  • Doubles the number of parking spaces served by allowing for two charging ports to share one single circuit
  • Reduces installation and incremental costs by allowing for greater charge spot capacity
Customizable Video and Branding Options
  • 5.7-inch color LCD screen allows station owners to run their own video content
  • Features built-in signage easily replaceable with custom branding
Clean Cord Technology
  • Maintenance-free, lightweight, self-retracting cords come standard on all models
  • Second-generation gravity operated mechanism improves user experience
User-Friendly Interface
  • Interactive touch-button system performs in all weather conditions
  • Multi-language instructions available in English, French, and Spanish

Specifications (PDF): ChargePoint CT4000 Family Data Sheet

Parameter Detailed Specification
Standards SAE J1772, UL 2594, UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2, NEC Article 625, CUL, FCC
Network ChargePoint Network Integration
LCD Display 5.7" full color, 640x480, 30fps full motion video, active matrix, UV protected
Maximum Power (Dual) 7.2 kW (240 VAC @ 30A) x2
Maximum Power (Power Sharing) 7.2 kW (240 VAC @ 30A) x1 or 3.8 kW (240 VAC @ 16A) x2
AC Power Input 208/240 VAC 60Hz Single-Phase @ 32A x 2
AC Power Input (Power Sharing) 208/240 VAC 60Hz Single-Phase @ 32A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 34.7 x 29.9 x 180.6 cm (13.7 x 11.8 x 71.1 in)